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The HIVFacts.org website

The person in charge of the site and who does the main writing for the site is Annabel Kanabus.

Annabel has an expert knowledge of HIV infection and has been writing about HIV for more than thirty years. This included starting and being the volunteer chief executive for many years of the charity AVERT. Annabel started the website www.avert.org which continues to be one of the most popular HIV/AIDS websites in the world. After a period of ill health Annabel left AVERT in 2011 and subsequently set up TBFacts.org and HIVFacts.org.

HIVFacts.org does not have any advertising on the site , and nothing is sold or promoted. GHE, the charity responsible for the two websites, does not accept any donations from pharmaceutical companies or indeed any company with a commerical interest in any product related to HIV.

Site Referencing

The site is highly referenced in order that people reading the site can be confident about the source and accuracy of the information. Other volunteers help Annabel Kanabus with checking out the factual information, but Annabel has overall editorial control. All the information on the site is in line with, and supports the information provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It also supports the guidance to the public given by national governments. The pages are regularly updated.

Annabel wins award

Annabel has been praised by the World Health Organisation for her writing and in 2005 received, on behalf of AVERT, first prize in the British Medical Association Medical Book Competition.

Annabel writes in simple English

The aim with HIVFacts is to provide health information and education, particularly for people who do not have English as their first language.

Talk to a local health professional

If people use the comment or contact us facility to tell us about their individual situation then we advise them to talk further to a local doctor or other health professional.

The information is not intended to replace but instead is intended to help people to have a dialogue with their doctor or other health professional. The information should not be used by anyone for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions, and is provided for information/education purposes only. A doctor or other health proffessional should always be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

The charity Global Health Education

Global Health Education (GHE) is a registered charity (no. 1146692) based in the UK. GHE was set up as a charity to improve health through education, particularly in relation to the diseases Tuberculosis and HIV, both of which have a global impact.

What does GHE currently do?

The charity has set up and is further developing the websites HIVFacts and TBFacts.

Where is GHE based?

The charity is based in the South of England.

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